What we do


The solutions we offer cater convenient vision to

all confronted issues identify opportunities and

threats, improve efficiency and transparency, and advocate for improvements to achieve greater performance.

BACEM offers alternative pathways and provides guidance for decision-making.

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BACEM offers a range of professional services to

the mining sector and its environment.

It develops an ethic of listening to customers and is committed to deliver outstanding services. A strategic partnership with Sahara Mining Services enables us to convey the right solution in all fields, from exploration to mining development trough to project shutdown

(topography, drilling, geotechnical, hydrology, advisory services, security, training, corporate, finance and consulting services).

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Mining activity can fluster natural environments

and agitate the normal course of living to the
neighboring communities.

The expertise of our firm enables us to:

- Survey environmental impacts;

- Identify priority issues that need addressing;

- Promote awareness of all stakeholders;

- Identify actions to be taken to improve the site environmental management plans.

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Sustainable development consulting intends to

gradually improve the environmental and social practices of mining companies in terms of: waste management, biodiversity conservation, community and public relations, health and safety and crisis management plans.

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Information Technology led so many

transformations regarding corporate strategy; work organization, forms of management, consultation, negotiation. They are pivotal in the evolution of industrial relations and corporate image of citizenship.

BACEM suggests the right Information Technology policy conforming to the company's history and culture with a view to gaining enormous time and efficiency to increase responsiveness and profitability.

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We provide our skills for the service of your

growth by advising you effectively for the success of your strategic and organizational evolutions.

We are committed to your strategy and devoted to helping you make out of your business a center of excellence.

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